Basic Soldering Iron Kits


Sievert ES Basic Soldering Iron Kits

This economy propane soldering iron line features an encased flame, lightweight construction, a fast heating burner, interchangeable copper bits, and a variety of kit options (see Soldering Accessories). Get away from acetylene gas, furnaces, and charcoal pots forever!

These kits include:
 - Sievert Pro 86 Handle
 - Soldering Burner
 - Windshield/Stand
 - 10oz. Copper Hammer Bit
 - U/L Listed Hand-tightened Regulator
 - Flint Striker
Your choice of hose:
 - ESK1-04: 4ft Hose/Regulator Assembly
 - ESK1-10: 10ft U/L Listed Hose
 - ESK1-30: 25ft U/L Listed Hose

Products In This Category:
  • Product Code: SOKITESK210

    Basic Soldering Kit 10ft hse

    Material: Sievert ESK1-10

    Retail Price: $460.13 / EACH

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  • Product Code: SOKITESK230

    Basic Soldering Kit 25ft hse

    Material: Sievert ESK1-30

    Retail Price: $515.88 / EACH

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  • Product Code: SOKITESK204

    Basic Soldering Kit 4ft hse

    Material: Sievert ESK1-04

    Retail Price: $418.30 / EACH

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