RT Mini Clear Snow Brake


RT Mini Clear Snow Brake

An Economical Value with Maximum Protection.

For recommended installation use surebond adhesive, each tube adheres approximately 12-14 pieces.

Snow slide protection for metal roofing has never been more affordable.  The RTMINI Clear Snow Guard is manufactured in a premium, high clarity polycarbonate with UV stabilizers. 
A 2 to 1 base to blade ratio, 4.5 square inch holding area, and the gusseted blade snow pocket combine to effectively retain snow.

Well suited for adhesive, or mechanical attachments, the RTMINI features a blade “Snowflake” slot that accepts a metal color chip or custom emblem. These chips can be cut and installed in the field. Slot dimensions: width 1.850"/1.860", height 2.000"/2.030" and thickness .016"/0.050”.

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    RT Mini Snow Brake

    Material: Clear Polycarbonate

    Retail Price: $1.46 / EACH

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