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SM Surface Mount Snow Guards

These snow guards are manufactured of cast aluminum and are designed to be adhered to the pan surface of pre-finished metal roofs using either a high strength construction adhesive or a combination of mechanical fasteners and an adhesive/sealant.
They are particularly effective in retaining snow and ice on metal roofs where there are no suitable seams to which a seam mounted device....can be fastened, including batten and lap seam panels, and other profiles having a flat surface of as little as 2 3/8" in width and space for a 5" blade.

The SM Snow Guard is uniquely suited for use on trapezoidal type panels when coupled with the matching RT-300 Snow Guard.

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  • Product Code: SGSMMFAL

    SM-Surface Mount

    Material: Mill Finish Aluminum

    Retail Price: $11.45 / EACH

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  • Product Code: SGSMBLEP

    SM-Surface Mount

    Material: Black E Coat Epoxy

    Retail Price: $13.85 / EACH

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