PSI 3380 Portable Soldering Iron Kit

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PSI 3380 Portable Soldering Iron Kit

(1) PSI 3380
(1) Carrying Case
(2) Cartridges
(1) Copper Bit 700250
(2) Jet Orifices


 - The design of the handle has a soft grip for even greater comfort

 - Automatic ignition by pressing the button

 - The burner incorporates an effective windshield that makes the flame totally encased and windproof

 - Simple one hand operation

 - Lightweight design reduces fatigue when used for long periods of time

 - Made in the highest quality and lightweight material titanium and aluminum

 - Anti-flare enables the soldering iron to operate in all positions (360)


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    Portable Soldering Iron Kit

    Material: Sievert 3380-93

    Retail Price: $372.79 / EACH

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