Galvanized Gutters and Gutter Accessories | Hop-Dip Steel

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Galvanized gutters made from hot-dip steel have been effectively used for more than 150 years. The value of hot-dip galvanizing stems from the relative corrosion resistance of zinc, which under most service conditions, is considerably better than iron and steel.

Products that are hot dipped galvanized include gutters, downspouts, elbows, miters and sheets.

In addition to forming a physical barrier
against corrosion, zinc, applied as a hot-dip galvanized coating, cathodically protects exposed steel.

Furthermore, galvanizing for protection of iron and steel is favored because of its low cost, the ease of application, and the extended maintenance-free service that it also provides.

Galvanized Steel is an excellent solution for Northern climates with snow and ice conditions. A strong and durable metal that contracts one half as much as aluminum.